100% Safe Worldwide Shipping


100% Refund for lost package (For Tracking Number & Free Shipping Both!)

If the package is not arrived 45 days after the date when you placed an order, 100% money back guaranteed.

(* Note : We randomly attach tracking numbers to free shipping packages. If you claim ‘Package is not arrived’ falsely on purpose, you could be accused of fraud.)

ibuybeauti takes every responsibilities for issues caused by customs.

If the package is seized by customs? > 100% Money Back

If customs charges extra tax? > 100% Reimbursement (Tax Receipt is necessary)

Fast Customer Service

Response to e-mail queries about shipping status within 24 hours guaranteed (Excluding Weekends, Holidays on KST)

Fast Shipping

Ship the packages within 3 business days after customers placed an order.

If we fail, we individually contact to each customer to make it up.

100% Authentic Products Guaranteed

If it is turned out to be fake product by any chance, we will sincerely give you tripled money back as the price you purchased.