Ariul Stress Relieving Daily Pick Toning Pad

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    Capacity : 30 Sheets

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    Ariul Stress Relieving Daily Pick Toning Pad

    Ariul Stress Relieving Daily Pick Toning Pad, 30 Sheets, Korean cosmetics. Free shipping to worldwide (order above $50, might not be available for some countries), 100% safe shipping guaranteed.



    • It is made mild with soothing ingredients to make sensitive skin smooth and moist.
    • It is very convenient because it is a tissue-type pouch that can be pulled out.
    • A 7cm pad gently cares for skin soothing and dead skin cells.
    • Turmeric root powder component makes the pad yellow.
    • Rub lightly wherever dead skin cells occur. You will experience the amazing effect of smoothing your skin texture.
    • Use it like a calming pack. If you put it on a place that needs urgent soothing, you can see a quick soothing effect.





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    Weight0.191 kg
    Skin Type

    All types of skin


    Calm / Relax, Need Moisture


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