Etude House Bitter Plop Hand Cream

$6.21 $4.04


Etude House Bitter Plop Hand Cream

$6.21 $4.04

Capacity : 25ml


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Etude House Bitter Plop Hand Cream

Etude House Bitter Plop Hand Cream, 25ml, Etude House ,??Korean cosmetics. Free shipping to worldwide (order above $50, might not be available for some countries), only $2.5 to upgrade to K-PACKET for order above $50, FREE K-PACKET for order above $70. 100% safe shipping guaranteed.


  • 01 Fresh Cream Butter
    It is a soft formula like fresh fragrance and fresh cream.
    It melts gently to the skin temperature. Also, there is no stickiness.
  • 02 Whipping Cream Butter
    It has a mild powder scent.
    Moisturizes with a whitening moisturizing hand cream.
  • 03 Mozza Cheese
    Wrinkle-improving function
    Sweet nuts have a scent.
    Provides rich water and nutrient supply.
  • 04 Cheddar Cheese
    Whitening wrinkle-improving function
    The butter forms a strong moisturizing effect. Also, the high moisturizing texture is not sticky.
    Recommended for extremely dry skin.


Etude House

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