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About IBBI (ibuybeauti.com) is online Korean cosmetic mall promising 100% safe shipment to worldwide market. We are making our best effort to provide hottest “It” items to our customers with the wide range of cosmetic brands. Customer Satisfaction is our goal, we will keep doing our utmost to satify you.

What we offers…


Handling items within 3 business days


Free Samples

Fast Customer Support

Within 24 Hours Email Response
(excluding holidays & weekends)

100% Authentic Items

If it is turned out to be fake product by any chance, we will sincerely give you tripled money back as the price you purchased.


What are the moost popular items in Korea? You can find here!

Safe Return

We accept return package within 15 days, mone-back guaranteed

Store Credit

3% of total payment will be restored to your account, which you can check here.

Don’t forget to register & loggin to IBBI before placing an order. (If you forgot, please contact help@ibuybeauti.com).