Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We understand the critical importance of protecting your private information and are in full compliance with the Privacy Act, Information Protection Act and other such laws that protect policy.

In the following sections, the purpose and manner in which a member’s private information provided to use is used are explained in detail. Note that our company policy regarding privacy may be amended to take account of the changes in the relevant privacy laws of for any other reasons. In such a case, we will notify the members of such changes via a notice on over website or by notifying each member individually.

You may refuse to take part in our policies regarding the handling of your personal information (hereinafter “the Processing”). Without providing us with your consent to the following, you may be prevented from using a part of entirely of our services.

Article 1 (Information Collection and Purpose of Usage)

The private information is Personal Information of a living individual including but not limited to the family name, first name and e-mail address, etc, which can be used to identify the owner of such information (including information which can be used to identify the owner of the information when such information is combined with other information with ease). The collected information may be utilized for the following process.

  • To perform contractual obligation and process payment regarding service provision.
    To provide content; to send various bills ; to verify identification for the financial transaction ; to purchase ; to provide payment service ; and to collect fees
  • To manage members
    To verify identification for membership services; to distinguish individual; to prevent misbehaving members from using services improperly and prevent unauthorized use of services; to confirm intention of membership application; to provide costumer services for processing customer’s claims; and, to send notifications.

Article 2 (Items of Personal Information Collected and Method of Collection)

[Items of Personal Information Collected]

  1. The following information shall be collected to verify member’s application and provide services:
    • Required items : family name and first name; gender; region of application; password; e-mail address (address, contact information (telephone number or mobile phone number)); date of birth.
  2. The following information may be collected in the course of using services or processing business:
    • Service usage record; connection log; cookie; IP address, payment record; and; improper usage record

[Method of Collection]

We collect Personal Information by the following methods;

  • Membership application through the homepage; consumer service board; and, participation in events
  • Tools which collect generated information

Article 3 (Process and Method of Deleting Personal Information)

We, in principle, delete and destroy Personal Information immediately after the purpose of collection and use of such information is accomplished, or the duration of retaining and using Personal Information is expired by the following process of method:

  • Method of deleting and destroyingThe Personal Information provided by the member for the purpose of membership application, etc. shall be deleted and destroyed after the purpose of collection and use of such information is accomplished for further time period in accordance with the internal policies and relevant laws and regulations. Unless otherwise provided in laws, Personal Information shall not be used for any purpose other than as specified herein.
  • Method of deletion and destructionPersonal Information that is documented in paper shall be shredded or incinerated; Personal Information that is electronically stored in file format shall be deleted using technological method in which the deleted data cannot be restored.

Article 4 (Providing and Sharing Personal Information)

We neither use the Personal Information beyond the scope set forth in this Privacy Policy nor provide the member’s Personal Information for third party individual, company or organization.

Article 5 (Supplementary Provision)

  1. On our website, we will notify you of all changes in our company privacy policy seven days before the changes take effect. Any such notification will include the reasons for amending the policy and the date on which the changes will take effect. Importance or material policy changes regarding a member’s rights or obligation are notified thirty days before the changes take effect and such notification will be emailed to each member.
  2. Unless you manifest your intention to contrary, we will assume that you consented to the changes in our policy after we notify you of the changes in accordance with the stated procedural steps in Article (1)
  3. Notwithstanding Article (2), we will take separate procedural steps for each member when we solicit additional information from a member or when we provide the collected information to a 3rd party.