Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Article 1 (Purpose)

This Agreement has the purpose of stipulating the rights, duties and responsibilities between the User and IBBI CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) for the User’s payment on the internet service provided by the Company.

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

  1. The definitions of the terms used in this agreement are set forth in the following items.
    • “User” means the customer who has agreed to this Agreement and makes payments to buy products provided by the Company.
    • “Cancellation of payment” means to give money back to the User in case that the User who has paid for the Paid Service has not been provided with the normal service due to the reasons attributable to the Company.
    • “Refund” means to payback through means of payment specified by the Company by cash or to cancel the approval given to the concerned amount.
  2. Terms not defined in the Article 1 shall be subject to applicable laws and the custom of trade.

Article 3 (Effectiveness and Revision of Service Agreement)

  1. This Agreement shall become effective when it is announced to the User by being posted on the internet service screen or through other methods.
  2. Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be subject to the Commercial Act, the Telecommunication Business Act, and the details guidelines as to the Paid Service announced through notice posted on the internet service screen.
  3. In case of revision of this Agreement, the Company shall announce the reason for the revision and effective date of such revised Agreement along with the current Agreement during the period of seven (7) days before the effective date to one (1) day before effective date according to the method specified in the Article 3 (1). However, the revision of important terms and conditions, which may affect the rights and duties of the Member, shall be announced at least thirty (30) days prior to such revision , and the revised Agreement shall be notified to the Members.

Article 4 (Formation of Paid Service Agreement)

Paid Service Agreement shall be formed when the User selects “Buy Now” or “Make Payment” to this Agreement, and the Company approves it in accordance with the Agreement.

Article 5 (Make Payment)

  1. The Company shall charge the User when the User’s payment for the Paid Service in accordance with the method specified by the Company.
  2. The internet service and the Paid Service shall be determined by the Company and such internet service shall be added, modified or deleted in accordance with Company’s policy.
  3. The User’s payment made shall be regarded as a separate payment for a certain Paid Service in principle.

Article 6 (Refund)

  1. Among payment made by the User, the payment may be refundable, and the exchange rate at the time of refund, not the rate at the time of Charge, shall apply. At the time of refund, the Company shall refund the amount remaining after the deduction of remittance charges and other fees.
    • In case that after the product is already shipped, no refund or return acceptable simply decided by the User’s change-of-mind.
    • In case that shipped product is damaged, the User shall report the photo of damaged product to Company, and the Company shall ship the product at Company’s expense or the User is able to get a refund.
    • Refund method will vary depending on the type of payment system.
  2. In case that the cancellation of the payment approval is available, the Company may refund by cancelling the approval, and thus returning the payment amount through the identical means of payment.
  3. The Company must first receive the necessary personal information from the User to deposit the concerned amount into the account specified by the User. Because of the time it takes to verify deposits, refunds for credit card transactions may take longer.

Article 7 (Obligation of the Company)

  1. The Company shall endeavor to provide continuous and stable service in accordance with this Agreement
  2. In case that the Company determines that the complaints suggested by the User, it shall endeavor to solve such problem expeditiously. In case that expeditious handling of the problem is unavailable, the reason and schedule shall be announced to the User through notice.
  3. The Company shall repair and restore any obstacle or damage occurring to the facilities of service as expeditiously as possible.

Article 8 (The Prevention of Unfair Purchase)

  1. The Company shall manage blacklist at own discretion, and the Company has the right to refuse to sell the products to whom is in the blacklist.
  2. In accordance with Article 8 (1), the Company may cancel the payment approval and return the payment as the method of refusal.

Article 9 (Payment of Dispute)

  1. In case that a dispute has occurred between the Company and the User as to the use of the Paid Service, it shall be settled by Mutual Agreement in accordance with the detailed guidelines as to the use of Paid Service, applicable laws and the custom of trade.
  2. In case no payment has reached in accordance with the previous section between the two parties, the dispute shall be settled by designating the court specified by the Civil Procedure Act of the Republic of Korea as the competent court.

Article 10 (General Release)

  1. The Company shall be exempted from the responsibilities for offering the Service which is unable to be provided due to the act of God or equivalent force majeure.
  2. The Company shall not take responsibilities for the Service interruption occurring due to reasons attributable to the User.
  3. The Company shall not responsible for the User’s inability to make profits expected from the Service provided by the Company or damages arising out of selecting or using the postings put on the Service.

Article 11 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

  1. The Member shall deal with the suggestions or solutions regarding copyright infringement as to the posting, defamation, or use of personal information and the Service through Helpdesk or Rights Protection Center.
  2. In case of filling a suit as to the dispute arising out of use of the Service, the court stipulated by the Civil Procedure Act of the Republic of Korea shall be the competent court.