Skin Care Made Just For You

Now it’s time to have your own skin care product, made just for you.

IBBI lab’s personalized skin care experise (licensed) design the recipe, and we will make the one & only skin care product for you.
Let me explain how.

Step 1. Let us know what you need

Analyze Your Skin

Free Trial for
Personalized Skin Care

We are so excited to get to know your skin.
Within a minute, we will provide the recipe having the whole different ingredients to meet your own needs.

For the first question, how do you think what's your skin type? We will recommend you the most suitable base water.

Which function you would like to focus on?

Depending on the answer, you will get minimum 4 different active ingredients to maximize the effect.

Please choose one

Do you experience skin itchy, or irritation?

We will adjust the use of preservative.

Do you have any particular concern?

Does new skin care often make your skin break out?

It could be caused by chemical ingredient or emulsifier, we will take extra care.

Are you :

This survey is required, just to know your skin.
FYI, this is completely free, you don’t need to pay anything for the first trial.
You can just click [Start] now.
Once it is completed, you will be directed to product page recommended based on survey result.
Choose [sample] at product type, which is free.
If you do that, we are sending free 5ml trial made according to the survery result.
A. Please note that this survey information is reflected only when you are logged in.
B. Please note this free trial is provided only once for each registered ID.

Step 2. Receive the free product and experience it.

This is what you will receive, depending on the survey result.
You don’t remember what kind of answers you gave to the survey or what kind of ingredients the product contains?

No worries!
Go to my account page, and check [Previous Recipe] on Personalized Skin tab.
You can see the main function, extra care you requested, and viscosity level you decided.
And, we are showing what kinds of ingredients were used for your survey result.

Step 3. Leave a freedback

This first time trial product – you may or may not like it.
Honestly, we think you may not be fully satisfied with it, perhaps you couldn’t see the difference from other normal skin care products.
That is correct.
What is the most important is, HOW DID YOU FEEL, and the true personalization can NOT begin without your feedback.

To get the real personalized recipe, please let us know how did you feel about the previous skin care.
Go to my account page, and check [Feedback From You] on Personalized Skin tab.
Please feel free to share your experience, our licensed personalized skin care expert will read it carefully, and reflect it on the recipe for your next product. (It takes 3-5 business days)

Step 4. Get counseling and purchase the real personalized skin care

And now it’s time you get counseling from real skin care experties.
Go to my account page, and check [New Recipe] on Personalized Skin tab.
In there, you will get the information like below.

Who created a new recipe exclusively for you?

The licensed personalized cosmetic expert who’s certified by KFDA, heard your feedback about your needs, concern, expectation and personal request about skin, and design the recipe based on all information.
Does it cost any fee?
When we will charge you is, when you buy the product which includes the customized recipe for you.
If you are interested in buying the product having this personalized recipe, press the product link embedded in [New Recipe] tab, and buy it. The product will be made within 3-5 business days.

When choosing cosmetics, so far we have to reply on information, such as feedback or recommendation from someone who might has a different skin condition. Or, we had to trust brand reputation or price. If you are lucky, you might find HG skin care product, or you might fail. 
We believe this is NOT the best way to take care of your skin. Our philosophy is, you know your skin better than anyone, so let us hear from you.
Then IBBI lab’s personalized skin care experise (licensed) makes the recipe, and we will make the one & only skin care product for you.

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