Personalized Skin Care

“The days of trusting misled advertising and crossing fingers are finally over!”

How it works

Feedback based-evolving skin care recipe.

The more we hear from you, we can give you more specific and personalized skin care product.

Step 1. Analyze your skin

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This survey is required, just to know your skin.
FYI, this is completely free, you don’t need to pay anything for the first trial.
You can just click [Start] now. Once it is completed, you will be directed to product page recommended based on survey result.
Choose [sample] at product type, which is FREE.
If you do that, we are sending free 5ml trial made according to the survery result.
A. Please note that this survey information is reflected only when you are logged in.
B. Please note this free trial is provided only once for each registered ID.

Step 2. Receive the free product and experience it.

This is what you will receive, depending on the survey result.

What you can get is, one of 54 different types of pre-made skin care products, which we think it would be mostly suitable for your skin type and needs.

This first time trial product – you may or may not like it.
Honestly, we think you may not be fully satisfied with it, perhaps you couldn’t see the difference from other normal skin care products.
That is correct.
What is the most important is, HOW DID YOU FEEL, and the true personalization can NOT begin without knowing it.

Step 3. Leave a feedback for the true personalization.

Come back and leave a feedback.
Our personalized skin care formulation manager will create the recipe, based on your feedback.
That’s how we start a true PERSONALIZED SKIN CARE, having an exclusive recipe designed for you.
It has 50ml capacity, and its price is $18.99.
The price is almost the same as that of road shop brand products.
You can simply start it below.

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Step 4. Formulation Manager will reach you.

The licensed skin care formulation manager will read your feedback carefully,
and try the best to create the personalized skin care product, as reflecting your intentions.
He/She will get back to you via email, to explain
(A) What kinds of active ingredients, base water are used.
(B) Why we use these ingredients.
(C) How we will approach to improve your skin.

Feedback based-evolving recipe

Once we got a feedback from you, our formulation managers will adjust the ratio of active ingredient, type of base water, or recommend a whole new receipe which we think it works best on your skin.
This will be evolving as we got more feedback from you, our goal is to provide the best personalized skin care product with an afforable price.

Managing sensitive / sensitized skin properly

If you are occasionally experiencing skin irritating symptoms such as rash, redness, itching, it might indicate your skin is sensitized. In this case, we think what you have been doing so far is, probably trying to read and understand all ingredient list and rule out some ingredients which people say they are bad. We understand how hard to pinpoint out the cause of the problem. Now you have a skin care formulation expert who can help you on by your side, to make the hypoallergenic skin care recipe for you.

Adjusting product’s recipe to suit your taste

Because it is not pre-made, but customizable (personalized), all you have to do is, just letting us know what you want. Do you want more moisturizing but you do prefer emollients over humectants? Done. Do you think the propolis works the best on your skin, so you want to include it up to limit? Done. Do you only use the skin care at night time, so you want to have a thick texture like a sleeping pack? Done. Your formulation manager will do his best to reflect your taste as much as possible by considering the pros and cons.


Explore our products to learn more about your personalized skin care product and in addition receive a quote from us.


Is this AI – driven skin care recipe?

No, this is NOT AI-driven or automatic preset recommendation. A real human having a license (certified by KFDA) in personalized skin care will actually read your feedback carefully, and then create your own personalized skin care recipe. Because of that, it might take some time (2-3 business days).

How do you offer such competive price?

You may be aware of the fact, marketing costs account for the largest proportion of cosmetic costs. Instead of investing in marketing, we are investing in the labor cost of a licensed formulation manager and the quality of materials.

Is this safe skin care product?

Yes. Note that this personalized skin care is manufactured after receiving an order, so it is very freshly made product – like it is made a day before shipping. The advantage of this is, it can minimize the use of chemicals, such as preservatives and antioxidant, that conventional brand products must use to maintain a shelf life of 2 to 3 years.
Also because of that, we recommend you to use it up within 3 months after breaking the seal.

I want to speak to the formulation manager, is it possible?

Yes, we understand that the current feedback system might not be good enough to fully understand your skin correctly. Once you leave a feedback, the formulation manager who is in charge of your personalization skin care will reach you via email (within 2-3 business days). By emailing each other, you will have a chance to explain more about your skin.