How to place an order without Paypal

How to place an order without Papal

Hi! This is IBBI Support Team Alex Kim. We are noticing that Paypal started to apply their policy, Paypal no longer allow customers to complete the check out process without creating a Paypal account. Which is recommendable for crating a Paypal account, but there must be someone who are not willing to create one, let us introduce an alternative way to complete the check out with debit or credit card only.

We would like to suggest you to choose “Eximbay” instead of Paypal.
Which is also another payment gateway, specializes in global payment service.
This is the largest Global Payment Service Provider in Korea,
accepts Global Credit Card, including debit/credit cards.
For more details, please visit their official website here
The reason why we have chosen Eximbay as a payment partner is,
(1) Eximbay do not bother to create any account.
(2) Eximbay provides a good security, and risk managing service.
(3) Eximbay accepts various types of credit cards such as VISA, Master, JCB, Amex, UnionPay,
which can cover up to 90% of online credit card transaction.

NOTE : US customers cannot use Eximbay, we recommend you to choose “Paypal” instead.


Then, just proceed the checkout process as introduced in above,

and choose the credit / debit card issue you have.

After input payment information such as Card Number, Expiration Date, CVC and Card Holder, you are done!