Points & Rewards System

Points & reward system

Don forget to use IBBI Points & Rewards System. It saves store credit for every order for registered customers.

IBBI saves 3% of your purchasing price into your account.

For example, if you buy $9.94 item, you will earn 30 points, which has 0.3$ value.

 Want to check how much 

points you have?

Simply go to “YOUR ACCOUNT” and check “MY POINTS”.

How can I apply points?

You can get a discount by applying points you have in cart.

You can use very samll point if you want, even 1 point.


Any other way to earn points?

We appreciate your effort to share your experience with other customers, we present 20 points if you leave a review for the product.

Please note that you should leave a review in review section, NOT disqus.

Also, the review should be 200 byte including blank, too short review content will be denied.

Inappropirate attempt just to earn points will be blocked without a notice, all given points will be taken back.