Refer To Friend, Get $2 Discount

how to refer ibbi to friend, get $2 discount

IBBI presents $2 Discount Coupon to both who referred to their friends, and whom being referred. Let me simply walk you through how it works.

Check out your account page, [Refer a Friend] tab.

There, you can find your own Referral URL issued. Copy this, and send it to your friends. 

Once your friends registered through this link, and make a purchase more than $30, $2 discount coupon will be issued to both you and your friends.

Please make sure your friends do NOT close web browser and start over. Your friends should be accessing through the referral link, which you provided.

Let’s say your friends placed an order. When this order process updated “completed”, which means “shipped”, you can find $2 discount coupon appeared in your account page, and also you will get an email notification. (Your referred friend, too).

Here are some further details.

  • Referred order amount should be more than $30.
  • Coupon will NOT issued for guest account purchase.
  • Coupon only issued once for each one referred account purchase. It is not recurring between the same referring / being referred account.
  • Coupon grants free shippng, can be used for all items, but cannot be used in conjuction with other coupons.