Shopping Guide

Shopping Guide

Here is step-by-step instruction

Hello! This is Alex Kim, your passionate consulting manager ?
To avoid shipping delay and frequent package lost case, IBBI decided to replace international registered airmail with K-PACKET. This is the first class airmail, presented by Korea Post. Shipping fee is a bit expensive than international registered airmail, but we gladly provide this service at cheapest price. Last but not least, the order above $50, we provide this K-PACKET fee at only $2.5, and for order above $70 – we will pay for your shipping fee.
We are still providing FREE Economy Shipping Service to the order above $50. Hope you note this is [Economy Shipping] which does not include the tracking number. It requires a relatively long time. Depending on circumstance of destination’s post, it might take up to 45 days. And most of all, this is NOT TRACKABLE. And, sincerely understand this Economy Shipping might not be available for some countries, which we experienced shipping delay / package lost issue. If you do not see “Free Shipping” option, which means K-PACKET is essential shipping method to your country. You may find full shipping country list here.
We strongly recommend you to choose K-PACKET. Shipping time is absolutely faster than economy, and tracking visibility will be provided (Tracking Number issued). It only costs $2.50, and we can check the shipping status with it after dispatching the package.
If you are buying items under $50 in total, the shipping fee will be charging, let me walk you through several buying process ?

If you encountered this error message  “No shipping methods…”, that means you need to update your shipping country and postalcode/ZIP, so that the system can calculate shipping fee.

Please click “CALCULATE SHIPPING” and choose your country and type in Postal code or Zip of your address.

If you update shipping informaton, you are supposed to see three shipping options, “Regular Shipping”, “Regular Shipping + Tracking Number”, and “EMS Shipping”.

Feel free to choose any shipping option you want, just please note that we are not able to check current shipping status via “Regular Shipping”, which is the cheapest shipping option. We need a tracking number for doing it, which cost extra $2.5 upto 2kg of total package’s weight. (Which is why it became $6.3 if a tracking number is added, as you can see – $3.80 + $2.5 (a tracking number) is equal to $6.30 ^^

This is automatically calculated depending on your country and weight of package.

Let’s say I’m buying a “TN SUN CREAM SPF45 PA++”, and it shows its Regular shipping fee is $3.80. How it works? Let me explain a little more details.


First of all, you need to know these two things.

(A) Weight of the product

(B) Country Group

You can check the shipping fee table by clicking here, or you can check the shipping fee table below in the footer section.

For example, let’s say I live in the United States, and I want to buy one TN SUN CREAM. How much the shipping fee would be?

At first, please check the weight of the product. You can check the weight at each item’s page, by clicking “MORE INFO” tab.


Secondly, let’s check the shipping fee table.

As I mentioned, let’s assume that I live in the United States.

Again, you can see the shipping fee table here.


The United States is “Group 3”, and the item was 195g (0.195kg), so its regular shipping fee becomes $3.80. As you can see, the shipping fee is $3.80 up to 250g, it will be the same $3.80 if you add some more lighter item to the package.


As you can see above, the shipping fee is still $3.80 after adding a Etude House’s eye shadow,
because the total weight of these two items is still under 250g ?

Also, I have a lot of this kind of question – what is “Tracking Number”?

You can consider “Tracking Number” as registered airmail, we are able to check the current shipping status if the tracking number is attached to the package. (For EMS customers, EMS plan already cover this tracking option, you would not need to take care of this.)

So, do we have to use the tracking number?

Actually, I would say it depends.

But I get many asking email from customers who did not use this tracking number option, asking to check the shipping status. So, we actually attached the tracking number to unregistered pacakge randomly, to see what was going on. The most of case, it turns out that postman attempted to deliever the package during your absence, and the package is returned to us finally, like a month later. I also believe that they were supposed to leave a notice, and they said they did, but sometimes some of our customer said they did not leave anything.

So, if you think that you would have no problem in receiving the package, you don’t need to use this registered option.

To customers from US and Germany, we highly recommend to attach the tracking number.


Especially USPS during peak time such as black friday, Christmas, Thansgiving season, they sometimes cause unexpected delay.

Please note that we are not able to check the shipping status without the tracking number, we are afraid that we cannot manage your enqiry email asking shipping status, without the tracking number, we just need to ask your patience.

If you choose “Regular Shipping + Tracking Number” option, you will be receiving the shipping confirmtion including the tracking number within 3 business days, this is because we can get the tracking number after dispatching the package.

About how to use a tracking number, please refer to the description below ?

To non-US customer, the package will be shipped via Korean Postal Service.
Which does not mean Korea Post will deliver the package from door-to-door, once the package arrives to each country, local country’s postal service will be in charge in delivery.
This site provide one-click tracking visibility, please visit here