COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream

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    COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream, 100ml, Korean cosmetics.


    • Sodium Hyaluronate (3,000ppm) controls oil/moist balance and sticks to skin well. Moisturizing cream.
    • “Completes the moisture formula, lets the skin drink up vitamin tree water and hyaluronic acid.”
    • Hyaluronic acid Intensive Cream is a moisture cream filled with moisture-retention ingredients such as Hippophae Rhamnoides Water(called vitamin tree) and hyaluronic acid, as well as the components that suppress moisture loss.
    • Hyaluronic acid Intensive Cream is not heavy, good for use as lotion, and transfers abundant moisture and suppleness to flaky face.





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    Dryness, Fine Wrinkles, Need Moisture

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    Skin Care

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    All types of skin, Dry

    12 reviews for COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream

    1. blank
      5 out of 5

      Carlota (verified owner)

      This cream is awesome. It does not leave a sticky residue and it is extremely hydrating. I will repurchase

    2. blank
      5 out of 5

      Sophie w. (verified owner)

      This cream is soooo moisturizing, it’s incredible! Sadly I bought it during the summer and it’s a bit too moisturizing for me right now, but it is still amazing. I have combination skin but the air is usually dry where I live so I often wake up with tight and even dry skin, yet since I’ve started using this before going to sleep, I haven’t felt any dryness/tightness. I don’t recommend it for the hot days, unless your skin is very dry even in the summer, but otherwise I would recommend it to anyone suffering from dryness. It hasn’t clogged my pore despite being very moisturizing, and even though it does take some time to get absorbed into the skin (i wouldn’t recommend using it before applying makeup), it doesn’t leave an unpleasant sticky residue like some people seem to complain about on other e-shops. Your skin just feel very moist. Anyway, I love it and will repurchase it when I run out of it (if it ever happens… the container is huge and I just need a tiny bit for every application).

    3. blank
      5 out of 5

      christie (verified owner)

      I have been using this a couple of times a week at night. It is too moisturizing to use in Hawaii’s hot weather. It works great for moisturizing your skin and makes it feel plump. You only need to use very little and it goes a long way. I haven’t experienced any issues with breakouts.

    4. blank
      5 out of 5

      Moontess (verified owner)

      I really love this product and my skin loves it even more. I have combination skin with some really dry patches (usually in winter) but this has totally gotten rid of those dry patches.

      I tend to use this in the morning and I find that it goes on fine under my makeup (you just have to wait about 30 secs for the product to absorb first). It makes my skin so nice and smooth that there have been days when I simply forgot to put any foundation on or I just put some CC cream or sunscreen on top and I’m good to go. You can also use this in the evening – especially if you need an extra shot of TLC moisture for you skin.

      I think it’s also good value for money for a cream of this quality and the giant jar will probably last me for ages (a little goes a long way).

    5. blank
      5 out of 5

      Roslyn (verified owner)

      I loooove this cream!!! It is moisturizing, holds the moisture all day/night, smells divine and noticeably improves it immediately. It makes my foundation sit better on my skin as well

    6. blank
      5 out of 5

      zutrzcinska (verified owner)

      Love this product. I have a very sensitive skin that gets super dry in the cold winter weather and this cream saves my face from the itchiness I was usually experiencing. It doesn’t have much scent. It is very efficient (a small amount is enough for the whole face). It is easily absorbed through the skin. Will buy again

    7. blank
      4 out of 5

      saskidoustkam (verified owner)

      Very good HEAVY moisturizer. It is really sticky because of the hyaluronic acid in it so I would only use this at night, but it’s a great moisturizer. Semi-occlusive.

    8. blank
      4 out of 5

      jglol78 (verified owner)

      Nice cream that heals my dry patches, great moisturizer, heavy and waterful!

    9. blank
      5 out of 5

      Phebe (verified owner)

      Love the jelly texture. But don’t be fooled, it’s very moisturizing and it feels light on the skin. I have very dry skin and this fits the job well. Doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin too. Will repurchase for sure.

    10. blank
      4 out of 5

      Aziza Kassati (verified owner)

      I like this cream, I used the COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream in the past i liked that too but this one is definitely thicker and more moisturising, I’m not a big fan of the texture, it needs a few minutes to absorb into the skin and I think it’s a little bit heavy for the summer, other than that it’s a really good product

    11. blank
      5 out of 5

      p.steph (verified owner)

      This cream is incredibly moisturizing, and it doesn’t break me out. Depending on how much I put on it takes a few minutes to fully absorb, but nevertheless it makes my skin super plump and it feels hydrated, even after I wash my face. I only use this cream at night because it can disrupt my makeup during the day, but I highly recommend it.

    12. blank
      5 out of 5

      nastya t (verified owner)

      I really like Cosrx products and this did not disappoint. So hydrating and great cream texture-not oily and blends well into the skin

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