Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash

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    Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash

    Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash, 6g, EtudeHouse, Korean cosmetics.


    This transparent fixing gel mascara offers perfect curl / volume / waterproof fix in any environment and climate. Infused with Black Food extracts to condition lashes.



    Etude House

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    20 reviews for Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash

    1. blank
      5 out of 5

      Daisy (verified owner)

      This is a staple in my makeup bag, as it helps keep up my lashes all day long. I just apply this before my mascara and apply the mascara before it dries, and it really helps keep my lashes up all day. The only bad thing i could say about this is that the brush itself is kind of spaced apart so it doesnt catch all the lashes properly, and I have to brush it through a couple of times.

    2. blank
      5 out of 5


      Honestly this item is holy grail status for me. I have no idea what the purpose of this item was, whether it was a lash primer or mascara fixer/cleaner. I typically use it as a primer, and it adheres really nicely, holds my curl and makes any mascara I put on smudge-proof. I’ve used it once to clean up some accidental spider lashes from applying too much mascara, and it works wonders as well. The product is a milky color, and I try to keep it as clean as possible, so I tend to stick with the primer method of application, but if you’re someone that can remember to wipe off the excess after use, go for it. I just can’t remember to do so.

    3. blank
      4 out of 5

      Qi (verified owner)

      feels quite empty in the tube almost like not much of a product ,the liquid is pretty thin, i think it does hold the curl a little but not that obvious,maybe i’ll try the blue one

    4. blank
      5 out of 5

      jinniecole (verified owner)

      It helps my mascara stay on for much longer than I expected, and it makes my lashes look much fuller. The only thing is that it’s a little hard to remove in my opinion, but it’s worth it for how it helps my lashes.

    5. blank
      4 out of 5

      sarahkang098 (verified owner)

      Always heard good reviews about this product. Think it helps my lashes and mascara. But feels like there isn’t a lot of product in tube.

    6. blank
      5 out of 5


      Complete holy grail product. Heard great things about it and when I finally tried it, it opened up a whole new world. What I didn’t expect and didn’t hear/read from other reviews was that it makes your eyelashes completely stiff and hard after application. I was thus initially confused about putting on my regular mascara afterwards because my lashes were so stiff, but this does wonders. No smudging under the eyes and very minimal flaking that doesn’t require any more than brushing away with the fingers! Only down side is that it is a complete pain to remove-but that only means that the product makes my mascara more long lasting!

    7. blank
      5 out of 5

      Beatrice (verified owner)

      For the price and the quality of the product, it’s definitely 5 stars from me! I really like that it helps give my lashes more volume but it somehow helps prevent my mascara from smudging as well. Would repurchase again very soon. A negative point would be the amount of product, which I agree it doesn’t seem to contain much product at all.

    8. blank
      5 out of 5

      l.hyesong (verified owner)

      This is my holy grail! I can use any mascara, even non-waterproof ones, on top of this and the curls of my lashes will not drop. It gives decent volume but I’m mostly in love with how it keeps a curl. I will always repurchase this item!

    9. blank
      4 out of 5

      Anna00 (verified owner)

      i use it with my waterproof masacara from maybelline and it looked very good on its own, so i can’t really say. i noticed that my lashes held a bit longer than usual so that’s a plus, less smudging 🙂 i will try it again with other mascaras like the etude house one, i’ve heard good things about these two together.

    10. blank
      5 out of 5

      chiachan (verified owner)

      I love this product, and it really does work! If there would be any bad part, it’d be that it makes the lashes very stiff- works TOO well. But it holds the lashes better than anything I’ve ever tried. Maybe because the lashes are so high now, my mascara doesn’t smudge. (I don’t think the product made it not smudge). Either way, 10/10 great product esp for those of us with tiny lashes!

    11. blank
      5 out of 5

      Irene (verified owner)

      One of the best purchases in my life! Always had super straight eyelashes that never stay curled. Not only does this product help keep the lashes curled it volumizes and lengthens them too. You can use it with any mascara you own and it will look like you have natural falsies on. Definitely a must buy!!!

    12. blank
      4 out of 5

      ouijdane (verified owner)

      it holds curl i like it

    13. blank
      5 out of 5

      lettybaroza (verified owner)

      This definitely helped me save money with mascaras that I had purchased that smudged extremely fast. It makes my lashes seem longer when I apply this. Its hard to take off but its worth the effort because your mascara at the end of the day looks perfect

    14. blank
      4 out of 5

      ouijdane (verified owner)

      hmm it holds curls

    15. blank
      5 out of 5

      Kit Y Wong (verified owner)

      This is an amazing product! Some mascaras make my lashes drop but if I use this before applying those mascara, it keeps my lashes up all day!

    16. blank
      4 out of 5

      Cinnndy (verified owner)

      It helps to hold my curls. But with this product, my makeup is harder to remove (which is expected of course)

    17. blank
      5 out of 5

      lilrubia (verified owner)

      Best eyelash primer ever. I can now use any mascara and not worry about it smudging. It lengthens and thickens lashes a bit, holds the curls too. Works better than expensive eyelash primers

    18. blank
      5 out of 5

      fwong (verified owner)

      this product works SO WELL! i have very straight lashes and most mascara (even waterproof) dont hold the curl but whenever i use this product it, my lashes usually last for the whole day!

    19. blank
      4 out of 5

      Rose (verified owner)

      product works so well! i use this with the mascara and my lashes stay curled all day! I love it! This products does make your eyelashes feel a bit heavy and uncomfortable.

    20. blank
      5 out of 5

      yk1994 (verified owner)

      This product is super amazing! It is worth every penny.

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