HOLIKA HOLIKA Balancism Vegan Toner

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  • Capacity: 170ml
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HOLIKA HOLIKA Balancism Vegan Toner

HOLIKA HOLIKA Balancism Vegan Toner, 170ml, Holika Holika, Korean cosmetics. K-beauty online


  • The mild, clear, slightly acidic formula of pH 5.5 is layered to help normalize the balance of sensitive skin and create a smooth skin texture.

    01. Michelle applies a method of loading moisturizing ingredients inside the micelle, and when applied to the skin, the moisturizing ingredients inside the micelle are supplied to the stratum corneum of the skin and form a moisturizing film.
    02. A safe prescription that can be used safely even on sensitive skin.

    A water layered toner with a watery and clear formula that penetrates the skin clearly and gently refines sensitive skin texture due to loss of oil and water balance.



Holika Holika

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Weight 0.431 kg

Holika Holika

Product Type

Skin Care

Skin Type

All types of skin, Sensitive


Calm / Relax, Need Moisture, Need Resilient Skin


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