OHUI Miracle Toning Glow Serum 50ml

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    OHUI Miracle Toning Glow Serum 50ml

    OHUI Miracle Toning Glow Serum, 50ml, OHUI, Korean cosmetics, K-beauty online.


    • The moment I need a change, my first toning serum, O HUI Miracle Toning Glow Serum.
      This is a skin brightening functional product.
      It provides a youthful, radiant water glow skin care for skin tone, texture, and radiance all at once.
      It is a product that has been proven by real reviews, and has a rating of 4.9/5 saying “It can manage skin tone and glow,” “gives an elastic and clear skin,” and “creates a healthy glowing skin with a clear shine.”
      When a smooth skin texture becomes the basis for caring for a glowing skin tone, you can encounter a clear skin brightness.
      After using it for 2 weeks, it shows a 9.1% improvement in skin tone and a 22.5% improvement in skin tone uniformity.
      Skin texture improved by 13.7%, skin transparency improved by 7.4%, and skin blemishes improved by 7.5%.
      Its jelly-textured formula is great for delivering the serum’s toning effect on the skin.
      In order to implement comfortable toning care every day, it reduces irritation and meticulously takes care of the effectiveness with the micro-dosing technology.
      It uses refillable packaging.
    • Featured ingredients
      It is a product that contains Glow Toning Complex™, which contains vitamin C for a firm and bright jelly-like skin, hyaluronic acid for smooth and soft skin like glass, and V-AHA and PHA for a glowing skin tone complex.
    • How to use
      Apply an appropriate amount evenly on the entire face and gently absorb.



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    Skin Care

    Skin Type

    All types of skin


    Dullness/Uneven Texture, Need Brightening, Need Moisture, Need Resilient Skin


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