ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Hydrating Water Gel Mask 10ea

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    Capacity : 30ml/10 Sheets

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    ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Hydrating Water Gel Mask 10ea

    ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Hydrating Water Gel Mask 10ea, 30ml/10 Sheets, Korean cosmetics. Free shipping to worldwide (order above $50, might not be available for some countries), 100% safe shipping guaranteed.



    • Clean and rich concentrated mineral ingredients from Ulleungdo’s deep sea water balance the oil and moisture of the skin to provide clear skin care.
    • 8 types of hyaluronic acid of various sizes and 8 types of amino acids, which are key to maintaining moisture, provide dense moisture to create a moisture barrier that does not dry out.
    • HATCHING EX-070, the core skin texture care ingredient of Dokdo Toner, gently cares for sebum and dead skin cells accumulated on the surface of the skin.
    • The water gel sheet, which absorbs moisture and becomes transparent like a gel when it meets essence, maintains a moist feeling with its excellent moisture-holding ability.
    • A thin water gel sheet with moisture adheres gently to the skin to deliver rich active ingredients more effectively.
    • After attaching the Dokdo Moisture Water Gel Sheet, the cooling effect immediately lowers the skin surface temperature to help care for skin troubles caused by heat.
    • Panthenol, allantoin, betaine, and DPG, which are effective in soothing the skin, comfortably soothe skin irritated by the external environment.
    • It is an essence type that is full of hyaluronic acid that holds the moisture in the skin. It replenishes moisture and helps supply moisture.



    [How to Use]

    1. After cleansing, arrange skin texture with toner.
    2. Take out the mask, remove the film, and adhere it well to the face.
    3. After taking a break for about 10 minutes, remove the mask.
    4. Lightly tap the remaining essence on the skin to absorb it.


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