THE FACE SHOP Stylist 5-Minutes Speedy Hair Color Cream

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    THE FACE SHOP Stylist 5-Minutes Speedy Hair Color Cream

    THE FACE SHOP Stylist 5-Minutes Speedy Hair Color Cream, 20g*6ea, Korean cosmetics. .



    • Dyeing gray hair quickly and easily
      – Quick-time gray hair dye that can create natural colors in just 5 minutes
    • Ammonia-free prescription
      – Pleasant and comfortable dyeing without worrying about smell with ammonia-free prescription
    • 6 herbal ingredients (Hoseongcho, Barberry root, Mortice bark, Gardenia, Safflower, Cinnamon)
      – Containing herbal ingredients for shiny healthy hair and dyeing
    • Dyeing patented technology
      – Application of patented dyeing technology* that improves vivid color and durability
      (*Patent No. 10-0754122)
    • Convenient drawing type formulation
      – Cream-type formulation allows for convenient amount control and dyeing of the desired area
    • Individual packaging for hygienic and convenient 3 servings
      – Hygienic and convenient use with individual packaging for sharing only as much as needed


    [How to Use]

    1. Mix the (1)Hair dye and (2)Oxidizer in equal proportions.
    2. Apply the well-mixed mixture to the hair evenly with a brush.
      Be careful not to apply excessively to the scalp or skin.
      *Use after applying massage cream on the scalp before dyeing to wash away the dye well.
    3. Leave on for 5 minutes after applying.
      * Depending on the amount and condition of the hair, adjust the amount and leave time appropriately, based on 5 to 10 minutes for dark brown and natural brown, and 5 to 15 minutes for light brown and wine brown.
    4. After washing well with lukewarm water, wash thoroughly with soap or shampoo, and finally rinse thoroughly with warm water.


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