Function – Pore Tightening

It is true that the smaller pores, the clearer skin appears. Actually having enlarged pores is not healthy, because it might indicates clogging with sebum and some of bacteria buildup.

Base Water is


Contains tannin, which is very effective for pore contraction

  • Tannin, a key ingredient in wine water, tightens pores to prevent loss of elasticity and wrinkles.
  • Containing Quercetin, it helps to effectively clean the pores.
  • Through the yeast fermentation process, the molecules are broken down into small pieces, which are quickly absorbed into the skin.
  • EWG : N/A

And, here are active ingredients,

AHA Extract

It softens the outermost layer of the skin and has effects such as exfoliation, dry skin, improvement of fine wrinkles and whitening.

  • Affects the surface layer of the skin and manages the skin layer.
  • Suitable for those with sun damage, spots, freckles, and dry skin
  • N/A

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Cydonia Oblonga Leaf Extract

It suppresses the enlargement of pores and reduces the number of visible pores.

  • The quince leaf extract has a better pore convergence effect than the quince extract because more precipitates are formed even at a low content in the protein binding amount test.
  • The smaller pores limit the discharge of sebum, helping to make the skin shiny.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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Licorice Extract

It smoothes the skin and has antibacterial properties.

  • It is rich in vitamins A and B as well as vitamin C to the extent that it is called a vitamin lump.
  • Glucose and fructose ingredients help to keep the skin moist and smooth.
  • EWG : 4 (Moderate)

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Recovery Peptide Complex

It promotes the regeneration of skin cells

  • Natural amino acids obtained by refining from sugar cane
  • It promotes the enhancement of elasticity factors such as collagen and elastin, or prevents destruction to increase skin elasticity.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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Fermentation filtrate made using beneficial bacteria present in natural yeast.

  • The small fermented microorganisms in the Galactomyces ferment filtrate help to maintain healthy skin by supplying nutrients to the skin.
  • Small molecular substances are quickly absorbed deep into the skin to provide nutrition.
  • It contains various active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, helping to restore the skin’s natural properties, helping to keep the skin healthy.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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