Function – Recovery

As focusing on skin recovery, we can expect many positive results such as reducing wrinkles, improving skin complexion and texture.

Base Water is


Tannins form a protective film against bacteria and create an environment for skin regeneration.

  • It supplies moisture to the dry skin and prepares the skin texture.
  • Vitamin E and vitamin K ingredients give vitality to tired skin.
  • 100% natural rose water without synthetic preservatives or additives.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

And, here are active ingredients,

Nano EGF 1ppm

Discovery of skin regeneration EGF

  • EGF is called epithelial cell growth factor or cell regeneration factor and is a factor inherent in humans.
  • EGF is a type of protein formed from 53 amino acids in the body by binding to a receptor on the surface of the skin and promoting the growth of new cells.
  • It is quickly absorbed into the skin because it is smaller than the gap between the epidermis.
  • EWG  : 1 (Low Hazard)

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Coenzyme Q10

It helps the activity of enzymes and promotes the energy production of cells to prevent the production of free radicals.

  • Play a key role in antioxidants.
  • Coenzyme Q10 synthesis in the body gradually decreases after the age of 20, so additional supplementation is required.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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Idebenone Liposome

The highest grade of antioxidants proven by the American Dermatological Association.

  • Since it is difficult to use because it does not dissolve well in water or oil, 1% of idebenone is liposomeized using the SMEDDS method.
  • A powerful antioxidant that is 4 times greater than vitamin C and 10 times greater than coenzyme Q10.
  • A next-generation antioxidant that can replace retinol.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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Marine Elastin

Maintains elasticity with fibrous protein present in the skin connective tissue.

  • Elastin is a natural high molecular protein in the form of fibers that exists in the connective tissue of the skin.
  • Since marine elastin in the skin is destroyed by direct sunlight, it is recommended to refrain from tanning as much as possible.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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A constituent of amino acids, the main component of cellular energy metabolism, substitutes for VIT C and VIT A.

  • A nucleopeptide in which D-ribose is bound to adenine, white pointed crystals.
  • The main component of cellular energy metabolism as a constituent of amino acids made in cells.
  • When the temperature is lowered, it is recommended to shake it before use as sediment may form.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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