Function – Trouble Skin Care

Trouble skin means that you have easily itching or having acne / rosacea. We are not only providing the instant solution for current skin issue, but also focusing on removal of the various causes, as helps to improving skin healthy fundamentally.

Base Water is


Plant-derived ingredients that help skin repair and regenerate.

  • As a component contained in Centella asiatica, which has excellent wound healing ability, it is widely used in medicines for skin regeneration.
  • The saponin contained in it helps collagen synthesis and calms the sensitive outer layer of the skin, helping to avoid large scars.
  • It provides rich nutrition to fill in rough skin and helps to form a healthy skin barrier.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

And, here are active ingredients,

Tea Tree

Tea tree floral water that helps antibacterial and sterilization.

  • A safe raw material that has strong sterilization power, but is not toxic and has no side effects.
  • It has a cool feeling and is good for skin purification, antifungal, boils, and purulent skin.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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Salicylic Acid

Also called BHA, it has excellent exfoliating effect and helps with acne.

  • Removes dead skin cells on the skin surface and penetrates into pores to remove oil.
  • Prevents clogging of pores and helps to remove clogged pores due to dead skin cells.
  • Not only does it fight bacteria, but it also reduces skin inflammation and exfoliates.
  • EWG : 1-3 (Low Hazard)

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D Panthenol

Panthenol is known as a penetrating ‘non-irritating moisturizer’.

  • Panthenol is another name for pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), also known as provitamin B5. This vitamin B5 is converted to the complex pantothenic acid when the water-soluble salt is absorbed into the skin.
  • Pantothenic acid has the ability to attract moisture, so it is an excellent moisturizer.
  • It also has skin whitening effects such as improving skin tone and suppressing the occurrence of troubles.
  • It has skin regeneration, soothing and wound healing effects, and is good for atopic skin.
  • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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Anti-inflammatory peptide

Helps to make smooth skin texture by alleviating inflammation of irritated skin and suppressing skin troubles.

  • It can be applied to support the metabolism by nourishing the skin and increasing energy levels.
  • Excellent functions such as soothing relief, inflammation relief, and suppression of trouble generation
  • EWG : N/A

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