Function – Soothing

    If you are experiencing easily blushing, itching skin, there are multi causes such as burns / infections / allergic reactions / dryness.
    We are suggesting ingredients which have enough moisture and nutrition at the same time, also proven as hypoallergenic.


    It has excellent skin soothing effect and soothes irritated skin

    • Lavender water with excellent soothing action soothes sensitive skin and cool down skin’s temperature.
    • It is effective in controlling the sebum, giving the skin a glow and helping to improve the complexion.
    • It helps to soothe skin damaged by UV rays.
    • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

    And, here are active ingredients,

    Propolis contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fats, organic acids, flavonoids, etc.

    • Relieves and soothes skin irritation and maintains skin health.
    • Helps with metabolism by nourishing the skin and increasing energy levels.
    • It forms an oil-water moisturizing film to strengthen the moisturizing power and protect the skin.
    • Substances involved in cell regeneration activate cells and relieve wounds.
    • It is an antibacterial, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory substance that helps heal inflammation and wounds.
    • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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    Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it helps to keep the skin clear and clean.

    • Flavonoids, the main component of calendula, help to heal and soothe various skin wounds.
    • An effective ingredient for dry, sensitive and atopic skin.
    • It has excellent moisturizing properties and has a good scent.
    • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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    The secret of ‘Skin Regeneration’.

    • Commonly known as Gotu Kola.
    • It has the effect of healing wounds, preventing scarring of wounds such as acne scars, and inhibiting inflammation.
    • Inhibits bacteria, prevents cell aging, and blocks radical oxygen to prevent oxidation and whitening of the skin.
    • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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    A key ingredient extracted from Centella asiatica! Functional additives that help skin health, vitality, and improvement.

    • It protects the skin by blocking pollutants from the external environment.
    • Prevents clogging of pores by preventing hyperkeratinization.
    • It helps to regenerate skin cells and promote collagen production, softening the skin and alleviating itching.
    • Ingredients suitable for sensitive skin and atopic skin.
    • EWG : 1 (Low Hazard)

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