Sooryehan HYOBIDAM Fermented Anti Aging Pack

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Capacity : 100ml

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Sooryehan HYOBIDAM Fermented Anti Aging Pack

Sooryehan HYOBIDAM Fermented Anti Aging Pack, 100ml, Sooryehan, Korean cosmetics, K-beauty online.


  • An anti-aging massage pack that can be applied to areas of the face where aging is a concern to help achieve smooth skin texture and a vibrant complexion.
  • What is Baekhyodan? An ingredient obtained by fermenting precious natural ginseng grown 700 meters above sea level on clean Jiri Mountain at low temperature for 100 days using isolated lactic acid bacteria. The active ingredients of ginseng are low molecular weight.
  • A highly moisturizing, highly elastic eye cream that helps improve the elasticity of wrinkles around the eyes.
  • An herbal anti-aging eye cream with a soft and delicate texture that immediately adheres to the dry and elastic eye area, giving elasticity to wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Recommended skin.
    If your skin feels tight after washing your face.
    If you are looking for highly nutritious skin care products.
    If you are concerned about skin elasticity.
    If you are concerned about rough and dull skin.
    If you are looking for a product that maintains moisture for a long time.




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Weight 0.291 kg


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Skin Care

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Anti-aging, Dryness, Fine Wrinkles, Need Nutrition


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